My name is Tony and I'm currently {{age}} years old living in Orlando, Florida. Not quite sure what I'm doing with my life just yet but I'm trying to figure that out. Whatever I end up doing will probably be computer related because I really enjoy spending time on them.

I can program in various languages like JavaScript, C#, Java and HTML as well as manage with PHP, Python and a few others. I'm not confident enough to call myself professional with any of these languages but I'm working on it. I've been managing and designing websites since 2008 and quite honestly, lately it has been more of a drag than anything with all the security vulnerabilities and hacking going on. I now try sticking to static web pages with pure, simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript because you can't really seem to trust anything else.

My favorite programs that I use on a daily basis are Chrome for all browsing of the internet, Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code for anything document related (Including this site), Enpass to manage all of my passwords and lately program that I've been using more is Discord because Skype is crap.. Some other programs I love that I'd also like to mention here are PhotoShop CS6, VLC Player, Blender, Unity3D and Steam.

I'm not really sure what else I should say here so I'll throw in a few other things about me. I still like cartoons, probably even more than when I was a kid and I like anime even more than that. If you're interested in the anime I like check my links below for My Anime List.


I have a very particular set of skills... haha, just kidding, I have experience in a wide range of fields going from extreme analytical to surprisingly creative. I'll try to give a general summary of different topics.

Web Design

My first portfolio piece is this very website. I wrote this entire site from scratch without any boilerplates, libraries, bootstrapping, anything. I was getting rather tired of my last design that was based off an IDE and wanted some more color and creativity to the look. I try and keep it simple with a tiny browser footprint, clean code, clean look, very fast loading and super easy to edit. The design is kind of an extension of me because I resonate well with it.

Most websites I've done for other people are kind of private at the moment but you can check out some of the fun side projects I've done in my projects folder. Enjoy!

3D modeling

I only have a little bit of experience with 3D modeling. Mostly using Blender and early on Google Sketchup, I've made a nice handful of models, though all of them were inorganic or structured. I really need to work on organic modeling but it's a large hurdle at the moment. Some of the things I've modeled are a modular couch, a NES Game controller, multiple of my own homes, an antique corner cabinet and a few other things.

I've started posting pictures of things I've made to portfolio.bunny.cc so feel free to check them out. please note the date of when I made things in the tags as some of my older work isn't very good but I wanted to post it anyways.

Graphic Design

I'm quite professional when it comes to Photoshop as I've been using it since 2005 and I have done quite a bit. I have created logos for many companies and brands, designed illustrations, banners, created artwork for print and game art for games as well as restored 40+ year old photos making them look almost like new. There's almost nothing I can't do in Photoshop. I also know how to work with vectors and have used programs like Illustrator to design scalable web graphics and icons as well as print material like tee-shirts.

To see some of my work I'll try to keep portfolio.bunny.cc up to date with various types.


In the world of programming I have touched on many different languages but I'm not really at a level with most languages to call myself "professional" with the exceptions of HTML and CSS. I'm at a moderate level with JavaScript, C# and PHP. I can get around in Java and Python and I've dabbled with a few other languages making Windows applications with .NET, scripts in python, websites with php (plus frameworks like codeigniter). I've also made some Unity games with C# and have a bit of experience with making minecraft mods in Java.

You can find some examples of my work on Github and Stackoverflow.


I hope one day I'll be able to say I'm fluent in Japanese and maybe even link to some work I've translated.