Bunny · ウサギ


My name is Tony and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with my life just yet but I'm trying to figure that out. Whatever I end up doing will probably be computer based and creative.

I have various levels of experience with JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP, Go Lang, Python, Lua and HTML/CSS. I've been managing and designing websites since 2008 and have a few small contracts where I keep up maintance on a few non-profit or open source websites.
You can find a lot of my more recent open source work on Github

On a daily basis you'd probably find me using Visual Studio Code with problably 2-3 projects open, Chrome and Discord. Other programs I tend to use regularly are PhotoShop, Blender and Unity3D or Unreal Engine.

Old Projects

Fun & Games

GrindThe greatest game of tetris, ever.*
KanaHiragana/Katakana Flashcards.
PianocatFun little Pianocat (use q,w,e,r,t,y keys).
X and OsGame of X's and O's.


ColorA random hex color generator.
HelpfulBunch of converters.
NotepadJust a simple notepad for you.
RainbowJust a simple CSS rainbow.
TimerCountdown timer for any use.

Art & Concepts

CalendarA simple, colorful calendar you can edit.
DotsRandom floating colorful dots powered by JS.
MusicA fun music visualizer.
RainbowJust a simple CSS rainbow.
TodayA hopefully useful homepage.
TumblrA quick javascript version of tumblr.


I have a very particular set of skills... haha, just kidding, I have experience in a wide range of fields going from extreme analytical to surprisingly creative. The best way to describe me is a Jack of all trades, Master of none. I'll try to give a general summary of different topics.

Web Design

My first portfolio piece is this very website. I pride myself with extremely fast and responsive websites with little to no bloat and very clean code. I can use pretty much any framework thrown at me but I usually find them to be a bit overkill.

Most websites I've done for other people are private at the moment but you can check out some of the fun side projects I've done in my projects section. Enjoy!

3D modeling

I have a few years experience with 3D modeling. Using Blender I've made a handful of models, though all of them have been inorganic or structured. I am trying to work on organic modeling but it's not something that comes as easy to me.

Graphic Design

I've been a heavy user of PhotoShop since 2005 with the release of CS2. I have created so many things in photoshop that I can't even remember it all. from logos for companies and brands, banners to artwork for print and game art. I have even restored 40+ year old black and white photos making them look like the were taken yesterday. There's almost nothing I can't do in Photoshop.


Programming however is my strongsuit. My brain works very well when it comes to problem solving in code. I don't have the confidence in myself to call myself a "professional" with exception of HTML, CSS and Node/Javascript but I'm pretty comfortable with C# in Unity and PHP when I need it. I had some experience in Java with Minecraft modding and Python with scripting tools. I've dabbled with a few other languages as well but not to the same level. I Hope to get better at or learn C, C++, Go and Rust.

My biggest work of late has been a Discord bot that powers many discord servers with moderation tools and streaming utilities like Twitch live alerts. You can learn about it here. You can find some other examples of my work on Github and Stackoverflow.


Other random things:
• I moderate and design Discord servers for other people.
• I'm great at problem solving and therefore debugging
• I have experience in Live Media (Audio, Visual and Lighting) and Post Production.
• I spent a few years as a server technician working with networking and enterprise automation.
• I co-designed the technical spec of Conference Center for Lanier Technical College in Forsyth, GA.
• I designed and programmed many of the Crestron touch interface systems for big event centers.